Fin Boxes & Bases

There are numerous fin box systems on the market today.
The most common are: 
Tuttle box
Power Box
Us box
Slot Box
Minnie tuttle
KS-Box (Meanline fins speed box for kite boards)

Tuttle Box:
The Tuttle Fin Box was original developed by Larry Tuttle in 1985.
The original head had a maximum depth of 2 inches (50.8mm).
There have been different adaptions of his designs made over the years.
The Extended / Deep Tuttle (2.7 iches max depth) is still in use in particular for formula fins.

Different manufactures interpret The Tuttle box differently.
We have found cobra boxes to be shallower and narrower.
Most custom board builder end up with slightly more depth than the speck as they laminate over the box when installed. 
This results in a head machined to actual Tuttle speck would sit about 1 mm low.

We will add reference list of which brads trend in which direction over the next few weeks.
We also found that boxes in some production board vary from board to board.